3D Printer Files for Chorders

Files for 3D printing a housing for a 7 key chorder. If you have something you would like to contribute, let me know!

Desk Version

3D Printer Files by Minhnhat Le for 7 button Chorders

Designed by Minhnhat Le, photo Greg Priest-DormanDesigned by Minhnhat Le, photo Greg Priest-Dorman
note: only 6 of the 7 keys are inserted

Using my desktop leather chorder as a starting point, Nhat and I talked about a 3D printable design. Nhat produced several variations of that design.

All the designs share a common bottom housing called “Chorder housing - bottom - common”

  • The bottom does not have a hole or slot for cables. You can add that or drill it after.
  • I also suggest gluing a layer of some kind of non-slip surface to the bottom.
  • If you are using it in a fixed location, you might want to add some weights (fishing weights or something like that) to give the keyboard a bit more heft.

While I am only posting all the drawings, the one I have tried and recommend are “Chorder housing - top - top down - with suppressor”, that being Cherry Key Switches snap into the housing from the top (outside) with a recess to hold a layer of mouse pad (or similar materiel) which acts to suppress key click noise.

Download the Latest 3D case files

md5 16ab276916cc6970bee39d17c30fb349

As always, this is a work in progress. Please let me know if you build/use these files. If you send pictures tell me if I can post them and if so, how you would like them attributed.


Greg Priest-Dorman Minhnhat Le 2015/03/30

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