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Commercial Chorders

So, you like chording, but are not up for building it?

The following list contains the commercial chorders I know of that you can buy. A listing on this page does not constitute and endorsement. Some of these I have tried, some I have not.

Desk use
BAT Desk use 7 button chorder, fixed chordset with user programmable macros
Half-Qwerty full size keyboard A standard keyboard that mirrors itself so you can use it with one hand
Small keyboards that can be easily carried
cykey 7 button chorder, small and light. Fixed chordset
frogpad 20 button chorder, small. Fixed chordset
Wearable keyboards
twiddler2 Hand held chorder, 16 button chorder, user programmable chordset
L3 WristPC Wrist mounted qwerty keyboard
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