It's your decision

Is the SpiffChorder for you?

This page is not ready for relase yet. /* Current comfort level with a conventional keyboard

  • Low - Why not try something different
  • High - more to loose at first but you can leverage your existing skills to learn

Background Considerations

  • Are you already familiar with a chording keyboard layout? If we have it, use it. If we don't, you might want to take the time to make this chorder act like the one you know or try to find someone who would be intersted in coding that chordset.
  • Do you have an idea for an entire chordset you want to try out? Use the spiffchorder to make it happen!
  • Are you familiar with a chordset, but a few things about it bug you? Modify one of the existing chordsets.
  • If you don't have an existing chordset that you want to use try one of the samples. If you don't like it, it is easy to send the chorder a different set of chords to use.((It is in fact much easier to change the chords the spiffchorder uses than change the chords you are use to using.


  • I just want something that will work so I can start using it
  • I want to make a few of these things so I can make one that realy fits me
  • I


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