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Welcome to Chorder

my original wire chorder prototype  my chorder since 1998
early prototype 1998 version is still in daily use

This website contains information on building and using a home made 7 key chording keyboard.

I have been using this device or one of its predecessors since 1995 as my primary keyboard with both Herbert, my wearable computer and conventional desktop machines. With the current version the chorder is now a usb keyboard and detectied as a usb keyboard by the host computer. This change has been made possible as a result of work done by Mikkel Holm Olsen on the SpiffChorder. As a result of this change, any device that can support a standard usb keyboard should be able to use this alternative keyboard by just plugging it in.

/!Some of the instructions found here involve using sharp tools and soldering irons. We make no claims as to the safety of such activities.!/

Each project lists contact information for the person who created or maintains it. Please use that information when inquiring about a particular project.

Greg Priest-Dorman

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