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-===== Level 2 Headline ​=====+====== ​Before the Spiffchorder ​====== 
 +|{{prespiff_chorders:​phonerest.jpg?​160|}} | {{prespiff_chorders:​plastic.jpg?​160|}}|{{spiffchorder:​wire-on.jpg?​160|}}| 
 +Before I had the spiffchorder I used several different approaches to getting my 7 keys seen as an input device.
 +The 2 which were longest lived were a hardware modification of a commercially available but not wearable chorder and a Linux kernel modification.
 +These will eventually be documented here.  In the meantime, you can see these at [[http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​people/​priestdo/​wearables/​hacks]]
 +To quote myself from a decade ago:
 +""​By going to an "hand open" keying position as opposed to the twiddler
 +"hand closed"​ position I find it is very comfortable and relaxing to
 +use from the time I get up in the morning untill[sic] I switch over to the
 +non-hand mounted one that I use at night (same position, nothing over
 +the hand though so I will not get tangled by cords in my sleep).""​
 +[[spiffchorder:​|spiffchorder wiki]]
 + --- //​[[priestdo@cs.vassar.edu|Greg Priest-Dorman]] 2008/02/04 23:40//
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