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-|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| +====== March 2009 Build Project ====== 
-|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}| +We decided to build a few desktop spiffchorders and document ​the process to make it easier for folks to build their first chorder.  
-|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?200|}}| +  
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}| +Eventually this page will contain start to finish photos and instructions for making a desktop ​spiffchorder in an old vhs cassette case
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}| +Currently, it has some photos of the process 
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?200|}}| +
-|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}| +
 +The circuit is built on [[http://​www.radioshack.com/​product/​index.jsp?​productId=2102845|Multipurpose PC Board, Model 276-150]] available from Radio Shack for $2.00. ​ The advantage of using this board is it reduces and simplifies the soldering that needs to be done making the project even easier. ​ I will post the full parts list and layout once I redraw it.
 +|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| Finished spiffchorder circuit without the PIC on board yet.
 +|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​one-done.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
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