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-|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| +====== March 2009 Build Project ====== 
-|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}| +We decided to build a few desktop spiffchorders and document ​the process to make it easier for folks to build their first chorder.  
-|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?200|}}| +  
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}| +Eventually this page will contain start to finish photos and instructions for making a desktop ​spiffchorder in an old vhs cassette case
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}| +Currently, it has some photos of the process 
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?200|}}| +
-|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}| +
 +The circuit is built on [[http://​www.radioshack.com/​product/​index.jsp?​productId=2102845|Multipurpose PC Board, Model 276-150]] available from Radio Shack for $2.00. ​ The advantage of using this board is it reduces and simplifies the soldering that needs to be done making the project even easier. ​ I will post the full parts list and layout once I redraw it.
 +|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| Finished spiffchorder circuit without the PIC on board yet.  The 2x8 socket is there because the 1x8 strip did not arrive and we were impatient. Only one side of it is used to carry the 8 lines to the keys.  As you can see, there is not a lot to it.|
 +|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
 +|{{spiffchorder:​one-done.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
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