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-|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​200|}}| Finished spiffchorder circuit without the PIC on board yet.  The 2x8 socket is there because the 1x8 strip did not arrive and we were impatient. Only one side of it is used to carry the 8 lines to the keys.  As you can see, there is not a lot to it.
-|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​key-template-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​cut-the-mat-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-ground-line-done-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​keys-all-in-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​inside-finished-01.jpg?​200|}}|  ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​one-done.jpg?​200|}}| +|{{spiffchorder:​one-done.jpg?​200|}}| ​ |
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