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 ====== March 2010 Leather Desktop Chorder ====== ====== March 2010 Leather Desktop Chorder ======
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.ip.jpg|}}|| +Sunday afternoon project. ​ This one uses the atmega168 chip.  It is built on a Radio Shack 276-150 printed circuit board which greatly reduces the need to run wires around. ​ It uses cherry keyswithches with replacement lighter weight springs. ​ It was used to create and edit this wiki page. 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.keys.jpg|}}|Underside of the plastic board with keyswithches| + 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.electronics_top.jpg|}}|circuit| +-Greg 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.electronics_bottom.jpg|}}|underside of circuit| + 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_01.jpg|}}|foam | +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.ip.jpg?400|}}| as tested prior to final glue up (Don't glue the case closed before you know it all works!)
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_02.jpg|}}|circuit in place| +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.keys.jpg?400|}}|Underside of the plastic board with keyswithches ​all wired
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_03.jpg|}}|more foam| +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.electronics_top.jpg?400|}}|circuit ​- board has been cut away to fit in to the case.  Since switches are close, no pullup resistors are used in this build. ​ Keyswitches are wired to an eight pin sip socket ​
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.unwrapped_01.jpg|}}|exterior showing layers of leather| +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.electronics_bottom.jpg?400|}}|underside of circuit ​- as you can see, only a few jumpers are needed
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.unwrapped_02.jpg|}}|exterior showing layers of learther| +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_01.jpg?400|}}|foam ​keeps the keyswitch wire from contacting the circuit board
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_04.jpg|}}|trimmed ​and glue applied+|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_02.jpg?400|}}|circuit in place| 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_05.jpg|}}|thin exterior layer glue applied+|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_03.jpg?400|}}|a little ​more foam to keep circuit from moving around in the case
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_06.jpg|}}|assembled| +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.unwrapped_01.jpg?400|}}|exterior showing layers of leather| 
-|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.final.jpg|}}|cleaned up|+|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.unwrapped_02.jpg?400|}}|exterior showing layers of learther| 
 +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_04.jpg?400|}}|leather ​trimmed, contact cement drying before attaching bottom. (I always put a date on it somewhere.)
 +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.assembly_05.jpg?400|}}|thin exterior layer (white fake leather) contact cement drying ​
 +|{{spiffchorder:​2010.03.lc.final.jpg?400|}}|cleaned up|
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