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====== Creating Your Own Chordset for the Spiffchorder ====== * [[#Layout or How many Thumbs]]? * [[#Code Considerations]] * [[#The Format of the .h file]] * [[#Building the Cross Compiler]] * [[#Programming the pic the First Time]] * [[#Programming the pic over USB]] ===== Layout or How Many Thumbs?===== ===== Code Considerations ===== * [[#3 modes available]] * [[#keycodes.h]] * [[#Planning]] ==== 3 modes available ==== ==== keycodes.h ==== The keycodes.h file contains the names you will assign to your chords. Unless you want to rewright some of the code (which you are more than welcome to do) you are restrictied to these key codes. They are the usb keyboard key codes, the codes for the spiffchorder mode manipulation and some special codes that are translated by the program into a sequence of usb key codes. There are a few kinds of lines in keycodes.h, any section beginning with slash asterik ''/*'' is a comment section up through the ''*/''. Anything following 2 slashes ''%%//%%'' is a comment from there through the end of that line. Other than comments, there are several types of lines you need to know about: * ''KEY'' lines like ''KEY_G'' define standard USB key codes * ''MOD'' lines like ''MOD_RALT'' define and manipulate the keyboard modifiers. * ''MODE'' lines like ''MODE_FUNC'' define and manipulate the Spiffchorde mode state. * ''SPC'' lines like ''SPC_quote'' define special keys that generate multiple USB codes. There are a few others as well but these are defined in the comments of keycode.h should you need them. <code> KEY_F, KEY_G, KEY_H, KEY_I, KEY_J, KEY_K, </code> And further down you will see lines like this: <code> MOD_LSHIFT, // 0x02 MOD_LALT, // 0x04 </code> <code> SPC_dollar, // $ SPC_percent, // % SPC_ampersand, // & </code> ==== Planning ==== ===== The Format of the .h file ===== ===== Building the Cross Compiler ===== * [[#Windows Cross Compiler]] * [[#Linux Cross Compiler]] ==== Windows Cross Compiler ==== ==== Linux Cross Compiler ==== ===== Programming the pic the First Time ===== [[]] ===== Programming the pic over USB ===== [[]]

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