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 ==== Make a "​key-grip"​ like I use ==== ==== Make a "​key-grip"​ like I use ====
 http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~priestdo/​keygrip-template-small/​ http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~priestdo/​keygrip-template-small/​
 ===== 3D Print a Chorder Housing ===== ===== 3D Print a Chorder Housing =====
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 {{prespiff_chorders:​phonerest.jpg?​200|}} {{prespiff_chorders:​phonerest.jpg?​200|}}
 {{prespiff_chorders:​mirror.old.and.new.jpg?​200|}} {{prespiff_chorders:​mirror.old.and.new.jpg?​200|}}
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