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-====== SpiffChorder ​Wiki ======+ 
 +|  {{spiffchorder:​mikkel-greg-spiff-staples.jpg|}} ​ | 
 +^  Greg, Mikkel, a spiffchorder (on Greg) and the Staples parking lot that made it all possible ​ | 
 +====== SpiffChorder ​Project ​======
 Spaceman Spiff'​s Chording Keyboard Experiment (or SpiffChorder for  Spaceman Spiff'​s Chording Keyboard Experiment (or SpiffChorder for 
-short) is an experimental platform for creating a USB chording keyboard. ​A chording keyboard or [[wp>​Chorded keyboard]] ​is an input device where characters can be typed by pressing multiple keys at the same time. A popular ​design ​is the 7-key chorder, where one key is used for each of the index fingermiddle finger, ring finger ​and pinky, and 3 keys for the thumb. This can be used with either the left or right hand (or chorder can be used for each hand, effectively doubling ​the typing speed).+short) is an experimental platform for creating a USB chording keyboard. ​Stable, reliable and up to the demands of daily use the SpiffChorder ​is an alternative to conventional keyboards that is simple enough to be built as a first time electronics project. ​ At the same time, the design ​allows ​for modification ​of the number of keysthe chord mapping ​and the physical layout providing an ideal platform ​for experimentaton without having to create ​device from the ground up.
-Both the hardware design and software/​firmware is open, and you can make modifications as you see fit. The license is based on [[http://​www.obdev.at/​products/​avrusb/​license.html|Objective Development'​s license]], which is now GPLbut with the addition that the hardware ​is documented and  open as well.+A chording keyboard or [[wp>​Chorded keyboard]] is an input device where characters can be typed by pressing multiple keys at the same time. A popular design is the 7-key chorderwhere one key is used for each of the index fingermiddle finger, ring finger and pinky, and 3 keys for the thumb. This can be used with either ​the left or right hand (or a chorder can be used for each hand, increasing typing speed). The current incarnation of the SpiffChorder ​is a 7-key chorder, although because of the easily changeable chord-maps, fewer keys can be used as well. The hardware-design has been designed for chords consisting of up to 8 keys, plus 3 additional keys that can be used as modifiers (ctrl, alt, shift). This allows substantially different chording ideas to be implemented,​ such as the [[Twidlette]]
-[[http://www.obdev.at/​|Objective Development'​s]] ​[[http://​www.obdev.at/​products/​avrusb/​index.html|AVR USB]] driver is a firmware-only implementation of the low speed USB standard (USB 1.1) which can be used on cheap [[http://atmel.com/products/AVR/|AVR]] microcontrollers from [[http://​atmel.com/|Atmel]].  +Both the hardware design and software/firmware for the SpiffChorder are open You can make modifications as you see fitThe license was based on [[http://​www.obdev.at/​products/​avrusb/​license.html|Objective Development'​s license]] and can be found in the 0.98 releaseWith the 0.99 release it was changed to [[http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html|GPLv3]].
-The hardware for the SpiffChorder ​is very simple, and consists mainly of an ATmega8, ​12MHz crystal, and a few passive components for interfacing with the USB portApart from this 7 switches are connected, and optionally 3 LEDs for indicating the internal state.+[[http://​www.obdev.at/​|Objective Development'​s]] [[http://​www.obdev.at/​products/​avrusb/​index.html|AVR USB]] driver ​is a firmware-only implementation of the low speed USB standard (1.5Mbps) which can be used on cheap [[http://​atmel.com/​products/​AVR/​|AVR]] microcontrollers ​from [[http://​atmel.com/​|Atmel]] 
-Additional information is available at [[http://​symlink.dk/​projects/​spiffchorder/​]], but this is slightly ​outdated.+The [[hardware]] for the SpiffChorder is very simpleand consists mainly of an ATmega168, a 12MHz crystal, and a few passive components for interfacing with the USB port. Apart from this 7 switches are connected, and optionally 3 LEDs for indicating the internal state. The SpiffChorder originally used an ATmega8, but due to the limited flash memory in these devices (in particular when also using a boot loader), it was decided to aim for the ATmega168 instead, which is only slightly ​more expensive, and apart from the extra flash memory also has port-change interrupts, which will be a benefit when implementing pointing device support.
 +The project page can be found at [[http://​symlink.dk/​projects/​spiffchorder/​]],​ but this wiki will contain more updated information and more specific information,​ especially when it comes to the documentation of the project.
 +The SpiffChorder is up to the task of daily use as a primary keyboard. ​  It has been in use as such since 
 +October of 2007.  The current build was released in March of 2008 and currently serves as the input system on wearable computers, in-car computers, palmtops, laptops and desktops. ​ Folks type on their SpiffChorders while running, walking, riding, sitting, standing and lying down.  We have heard from people around the world who have built and use Spiffchorders,​ sometimes as their first electronics project.  ​
 +If you build one or want to build one, please let us know. 
 [[http://​symlink.dk/​contact/​contact.php|Mikkel Holm Olsen]] AKA Spaceman Spiff [[http://​symlink.dk/​contact/​contact.php|Mikkel Holm Olsen]] AKA Spaceman Spiff
 [[http://​wiki.cs.vassar.edu/​people/​priestdo/​contact|Greg Priest-Dorman]] [[http://​wiki.cs.vassar.edu/​people/​priestdo/​contact|Greg Priest-Dorman]]
 +|[[http://​symlink.dk/​projects/​spiffchorder| ​ Mikkel'​s project site  ]]|[[hardware| ​ build the electronics ​ ]]|[[buildit| ​ make an enclosure ​ ]]|[[modified_nasa| ​ learn to chord  ]]|
 +|[[http://​symlink.dk/​projects/​spiffchorder|{{spiffchorder:​spiffchorder-proto.jpg?​160|Mikkel'​s project site}}]]|[[hardware|{{spiffchorder:​finished-board-01.jpg?​160|build the electronics}}]]|[[buildit|{{spiffchorder:​one-done.jpg?​160|make an enclosure}}]]|[[modified_nasa|{{spiffchorder:​home-position.jpg|learn to chord}}]]|
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