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 {{spiffchorder:​chorder.png?​500|SpiffChorder hardware schematics (click for larger version)}} {{spiffchorder:​chorder.png?​500|SpiffChorder hardware schematics (click for larger version)}}
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 |R8-R18|Optional pull-up resistors. 10 kOhm or 4.7 kOhm.|4610X-1-103LF-ND| |R8-R18|Optional pull-up resistors. 10 kOhm or 4.7 kOhm.|4610X-1-103LF-ND|
 |X1|12.000 MHz crystal.|XC1380-ND| |X1|12.000 MHz crystal.|XC1380-ND|
-|  |key switches|CH196-ND ((I have used the Cherry MX series for years, see http://​www.cherrycorp.com/​english/​switches/​key/​pdf/​keyswitch_cat.pdf))| +|  |key switches|CH196-ND or CH198-ND((I have used the Cherry MX series for years, see http://​www.cherrycorp.com/​english/​switches/​key/​pdf/​keyswitch_cat.pdf))| 
 +|  |key caps at [[http://​www.wasdkeyboards.com/​index.php/​products/​blank-keycap-singles.html|WASD Keyboards]]((Thanks to Kevin Wang for telling me about WASD))|Not available from digikey ​ |
 ===== Bill of Materials (Conrad) ===== ===== Bill of Materials (Conrad) =====
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