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 {{https://​github.com/​clc/​chorder|https://​github.com/​clc/​chorder}} {{https://​github.com/​clc/​chorder|https://​github.com/​clc/​chorder}}
 </​box|Thanks to Charles Chen for this version! > </​box|Thanks to Charles Chen for this version! >
 ===== Bluetooth Chorder ===== ===== Bluetooth Chorder =====
-The Bluetooth version of the chorder, it does not do keyrepeat, but otherwise works well.+The Bluetooth version of the chorder ​I used prior to the BLE version above. ​ Unless you need a non-BLE solution this has been superceded by the [[:​featherchorder]].
 Download then rename to btchorder_rawkeys.pde Download then rename to btchorder_rawkeys.pde
-<box 60% red round | **Download the Latest ​BT Build**>+<box 60% red round | **Download the 2013 BT Build**>
 {{spiffchorder:​btchorder_rawkeys.pde-2013-06-12.txt|BT Chorder 2013-06-12}} {{spiffchorder:​btchorder_rawkeys.pde-2013-06-12.txt|BT Chorder 2013-06-12}}
 </​box|md5 f50f55cc7a242188787ee48abd8b1d95 > </​box|md5 f50f55cc7a242188787ee48abd8b1d95 >
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