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-====== Latest Build ======+====== ​Download the Latest Build ====== 
 +===== BLE Chorder Feb. 2016 ===== 
 +I have been using a chorder built using the [[https://​learn.adafruit.com/​adafruit-feather-32u4-bluefruit-le/​overview|Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE]].  This board has the LiPo charger and BLE transceiver built in, so all that is required is attaching the keys, an on/off switch, plugging in the battery and programming it (over a standard micro usb cable). ​ I will post a schematic shortly, but in the mean time, here is the link to the github source: 
 +<box 60% red round | **Download the Latest BLE Build**>​ 
 +</​box|Thanks to Charles Chen for this version! > 
 +===== Bluetooth Chorder ===== 
 +The Bluetooth version of the chorder, it does not do keyrepeat, but otherwise works well. 
 +Download then rename to btchorder_rawkeys.pde 
 +<box 60% red round | **Download the Latest BT Build**>​ 
 +{{spiffchorder:​btchorder_rawkeys.pde-2013-06-12.txt|BT Chorder 2013-06-12}} 
 +</​box|md5 f50f55cc7a242188787ee48abd8b1d95 > 
 +===== USB Spiffchorder ​=====
 This is the current release of all the code for the spiffchorder. This is the current release of all the code for the spiffchorder.
-Any new releases will appear first at http://symlink.dk/​projects/​spiffchorder/​ and very shortly there after be mirrored here.+Any new releases will appear first at http://sourceforge.net/​projects/​spiffchorder/ ​ and shortly there after be mirrored here.
-<​box ​50% red round | **Download the Latest Build**>+<​box ​60% red round | **Download the Latest ​USB Build**>​ 
 +</​box|md5 17e8ce1b4c854f799ab64f0550c7ebdd > 
 +SpiffChorder-0.99.zip (stable) released. 
 +Version 0.99 - released 2012-01-25 
 +Changes since 0.98: 
 + * Included (patched) USBaspLoader in distribution. 
 + * Included patch from Christian Starkjohann for better hardware portability. 
 + * Changed to GNU GPL v3 license. 
 + * Updated to latest V-USB driver (vusb-20120109.zip). 
 + * Moved code to sourceforge.net. 
 +<box 60% red round | **Download the Previous ​Build**>
 {{spiffchorder:​spiffchorder-0.98.zip|SpiffChorder-0.98.zip}} {{spiffchorder:​spiffchorder-0.98.zip|SpiffChorder-0.98.zip}}
-</​box|md5 64145092728adf5328579379ec56e499 ​ ​SpiffChorder-0.98.zip ​>+</​box|md5 64145092728adf5328579379ec56e499 > 
 <​file>​ <​file>​
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