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 ====== Download the Latest Build ====== ====== Download the Latest Build ======
 +===== BLE Chorder Feb. 2016 =====
 +I have been using a chorder built using the [[https://​learn.adafruit.com/​adafruit-feather-32u4-bluefruit-le/​overview|Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE]].  This version of the chorder is documented in the [[:​featherchorder]] section of this wiki. The board has the LiPo charger and BLE transceiver built in, so all that is required is attaching the keys, an on/off switch, plugging in the battery and programming it (over a standard micro usb cable). ​ For a schematic and more details please check out [[:​featherchorder]]. ​
 +<box 60% red round | **Download the Latest BLE Build**>
 +</​box|Thanks to Charles Chen for this version! >
 ===== Bluetooth Chorder ===== ===== Bluetooth Chorder =====
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