Function Keys - Function Mode Prefix

For Function keys, press the <key>Function Mode Prefix</key> chord followed by the number chord for the function key that you want. the numbers for F1-F9 are the regular chords for that number, F10, F11 and F12 have special chords.

Left Hand Chorder Right Hand Chorder
fingers thumb thumb fingers
<key>P R M I</key> <key>N</key><key>C</key><key>F</key> key <key>F</key><key>C</key><key>N</key> <key>I M R P</key> Hint
<key>■□□□</key> <key>N</key> Func Mode Prefix <key>N</key> <key>□□□■</key>
<key>□□□□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F1</key> <key>C</key> <key>□□□□</key> 1
<key>□□□■</key> <key>F2</key> <key>■□□□</key> 2
<key>□□■□</key> <key>F3</key> <key>□■□□</key> 3
<key>□■□□</key> <key>F4</key> <key>□□■□</key> 4
<key>■□□□</key> <key>F5</key> <key>□□□■</key> 5
<key>□□□■</key> <key>C</key> <key>F6</key> <key>C</key> <key>■□□□</key> 6
<key>□□■□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F7</key> <key>C</key> <key>□■□□</key> 7
<key>□■□□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F8</key> <key>C</key> <key>□□■□</key> 8
<key>■□□□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F9</key> <key>C</key> <key>□□□■</key> 9
<key>□□■■</key> <key>C</key> <key>F10</key> <key>C</key> <key>■■□□</key>
<key>□■■□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F11</key> <key>C</key> <key>□■■□</key>
<key>■■□□</key> <key>C</key> <key>F12</key> <key>C</key> <key>□□■■</key>

<columns 100% 50% 50%>

3 Thumb Keys 4 Finger Keys
Outer Thumb (Far) F 1st or (I)ndex Finger I
Middle Thumb (Center) C 2nd or (M)iddle Finger M
Inner Thumb (Near) N 3rd or (R)ing Finger R
4th or (P)inky P



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