Punctuation and Modifiers on Near Thumb

These chords work in Default Mode or in Number Mode

Left Hand Chorder Prefix Right Hand Chorder
fingers thumb none Shift thumb fingers
<key>P R M I</key> <key>N</key><key>C</key><key>F</key> <key>F</key> <key>F</key><key>C</key><key>N</key> <key>I M R P</key> Hint
<key>■■□□</key> <key>N</key> <key>;</key> <key>:</key> <key>N</key> <key>□□■■</key>
<key>□□■□</key> <key>N</key> <key>,</key> <key><</key> <key>N</key> <key>□■□□</key> C = comma
<key>□■■□</key> <key>N</key> <key>.</key> <key>></key> <key>N</key> <key>□■■□</key> P = period
<key>□■■■</key> <key>N</key> <key>'</key> <key>“</key> <key>N</key> <key>■■■□</key> A = apostrophy
<key>■□□□</key> <key>N</key> <key>Function Key Prefix</key> <key>N</key> <key>□□□■</key>
<key>□■□□</key> <key>N</key> <key>Esc</key> <key>N</key> <key>□□■□</key>
<key>■■■□</key> <key>N</key> <key>Alt</key>1) <key>N</key> <key>□■■■</key>
<key>■□□■</key> <key>N</key> <key>Ins</key> <key>N</key> <key>■□□■</key>
<key>■■□■</key> <key>N</key> <key>Control</key>2) <key>N</key> <key>■□■■</key>
<key>■■■■</key> <key>N</key> <key>Num Mode Lock</key> <key>N</key> <key>■■■■</key>
<key>■■■■</key> <key>N</key><key>C</key> <key>NumLck</key>3) <key>C</key><key>N</key> <key>■■■■</key>
<key>□□□□</key> <key>N</key> <key>F</key> <key>BREAK</key>4) <key>F</key> <key>N</key> <key>□□□□</key>
<key>□□□□</key> <key>N</key><key>C</key><key>F</key> Reset Chorder5) <key>F</key><key>C</key><key>N</key> <key>□□□□</key>

<columns 100% 50% 50%>

3 Thumb Keys 4 Finger Keys
Outer Thumb (Far) F 1st or (I)ndex Finger I
Middle Thumb (Center) C 2nd or (M)iddle Finger M
Inner Thumb (Near) N 3rd or (R)ing Finger R
4th or (P)inky P



Normaly generates Left Alt key, in Number Mode generates Right Alt Key
Normaly generates Left Control key, in Number Mode generates Right Control Key
Conventional keyboard Numlock
Conventional keyboard Break key
Reset to Default Mode
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