Second Lesson : Moving Around

Right about now you probably want to know where backspace is. This short lession will show you that and some of the most usefull of the cursor motion keys.1)

Motion keys are all on single press chords made with the thumb pressing Far. Note the relationship between Left Arrow, Up Arrow and Page Up. Similarly, Right Arrow, Down Arrow and Page Down are related chords.

Left Hand Chorder Right Hand Chorder
fingers thumb thumb fingers
<key>P R M I</key> <key>N</key><key>C</key><key>F</key> <key>F</key><key>C</key><key>N</key> <key>I M R P</key>
<key>■□□□</key> <key>F</key> Enter <key>F</key> <key>□□□■</key>
<key>□■□■</key> <key>F</key> Tab <key>F</key> <key>■□■□</key>
<key>□□■□</key> <key>F</key> Backspace <key>F</key> <key>□■□□</key>
<key>□■■□</key> <key>F</key> Delete <key>F</key> <key>□■■□</key>
<key>□■□□</key> <key>F</key> Right Arrow <key>F</key> <key>□□■□</key>
<key>■■□□</key> <key>F</key> Down Arrow <key>F</key> <key>□□■■</key>
<key>■■■□</key> <key>F</key> PgDn <key>F</key> <key>□■■■</key>
<key>□□□■</key> <key>F</key> Left Arrow <key>F</key> <key>■□□□</key>
<key>□□■■</key> <key>F</key> Up Arrow <key>F</key> <key>■■□□</key>
<key>□■■■</key> <key>F</key> PgUp <key>F</key> <key>■■■□</key>
For the compleate set see the Cursor Motion Chart.
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