Chording Tips

*NOTE* I use the modified nasa keybindings.  Any chord references below are to the chords in that mapping. -Greg
? Reset the spiffchorder
::If you think the chorder has gotten into a mode you did not want it in, you can reset it.  This will not send any keys to the host computer. Here are a two of the ways to do this:
  - press FUNCTION-MODE chord twice.  When you come out of it, the chorder will have been reset
  - press all three thumb keys as this chord resets the spiffchorder.
:: After resetting you will be out of any spiffchorder modes you may have been in.     
? Key Repeat and Repeated Keys
:: Sometimes you need key repeat, there are 2 ways to get it on the spiffchorder.
.. When you need to type 2 or 3 of the same key (as in "ee" or "oo" ) you don't need to remove all your fingers from the chord, you only need to lift and replace one finger, each time you tap the finger, you will get the key.
.. If you hold down a key it will repeat based on the host computer's key repeat rate.
? Word Sequences and letter groups
:: As with tapping a finger to repeat a chord, for often typed words or letter combinations it is worth takeing a few minutes and figureing out good finger sequences for them.  Since you do not have to remove all the keys in a chord to mark the end of it you can figure out patterns or sequences for regularly used groupings. 
.. For example, "ng" can be typed in the [[modified nasa]] chord set by pressing "n" then lifting your fingers while leaving the thumb down, and tap your ring finger.  Other good two letter pairs are "ae"(("ae" = chord "a" then lift thumb and first finger, chord "e")),"he"(("he" = chord "h" lift middle finger, chord "e")),   
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