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-====== Twidlette ======+====== Twidlette ​chordset ​======
-The idea for this chorder came from an email discussion I had with Mikkel.+The idea for the Twidlette is to use the thumb only for modifiers like shift, alt, esc, ctrl, number-pad  and use the fingers for everything else 
-The layout ​is 2 thumb buttons, 2 buttons for the index fingerone button ​for each remaining finger.+Here is the proposal 
 +pinky gets 1 keyeach other finger gets keys which can be pressed either separately or together.  This gives (2x3x3x3)-1 unique chords or 53 unique chords on the fingers.  The finger ​buttons would look something like this:\\ 
 + ...``♦``\\ 
 +on the thumb would be an arc of buttons. All but one of the thumb buttons are conventional keyboard modifier keys like alt, shift, ctrl and passed by the spiffchorder to the host computer ​for processing. One thumb button it a spiffchorder key used in chord creation
-The alphabet is all on the 5 buttons under the fingers (like with the twiddler). ​ The 2 thumb buttons provide 3 chords for modifiers, namely, shift, alt, ctrl.  They are also used with the mnumonic symbols and punctuation chords. ​ But, the alphabet is only on the fingers and capitol letters are a single chord (unlike the [[modified_nasa]] chordset). ​ 
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